red, white, and icons of land speed racing


slammed and airbagged, even if it is a scooter

NY City Street Cleaner, early 1900’s

great gifs from the silent film era

the 70's... man, it's pretty damn amusing to look back at the goofyness

Cadillac 353 V8 service car operated by Rotorua Motors in New Zealand.

the FTC took Nissan to court for the follwing dune buggy commercial. Slapped their hand, said no more nonsense, "it's misleading"

the slow clapping creshendo

Remember Alf? Just one of the many 1980's references in this Delta Airlines safety video

engines stuffed into streamliners for racing on the salt at Bonneville, cramped arrangements

land speed racing Daytona

the winner and competitors for the Grand National Roadster trophy 2014

some of the dragsters I found interesting in Dragster Alley, Bldg 4 at the Grand National Roadster Show