Don't trust the repair shop to take care of your rare and valuable car... often, the mechanics joy ride and wreck the customers car.

A car graveyard, one of four originally, all that remains of a car lot that was parked when US Army were returned to the US after WW2

Taxis saved Paris from surrendering in WW1

Well designed trunk, a Toyota camry

Full size bumper car made from an '84 Colt.. was on sale on Ebay

Happy Fathers day to this Dad! Skip the first two minutes, avoid the idiot grandkids noises

great homebuilt cart found on Go Away Garage

inside wrecked cars... notice the one thing they all have in common?

the Curtiss Bleeker SX1 ... a case for divergant evolution among helicopter designs?

A Saudi Arabian Muslim told a Saudi news outlet that driving does damage to women's ovaries and pelvises, and that by driving they risk giving birth to children with 'clinical problems.' (WTF is the brain damage among men in Moslem?)

the purple people eater... was good at Wyoming deer huints

the advertising rivalry between Audi and BMW is hilarious!

Real, or fake.. how does the car move after the kid jumps out, and then lurch to a stop?

Scotland Yard's historic fleet goes for a parade lap from the police garage to the police driving school

Dodge, it's history and 100th year anniversary are here... and a family owned dealership, (3rd generation) owner is blogging about it!

the result of a load not secured. Military people understand... if it's going to sea, sky, or war, it better be locked down. This 747 fell out of the sky in 30 seconds of take off, all captured clearly on this video

Not a good idea to leave stuff in the back of the truck when you're in eagle country

Jessica put together a photo gallery of Jay Leno's collection

portable nuke reactor power plant... as if that's as easy as just rolling to where you'll need it

the pinwheel... rocket helicopter

out rage ous police actions in the news, it's time to keep a lawyer in the passenger seat, and never go to Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico to avoid anal and vaginal searches at traffic stops.

Fire fighting is a dangerous feat, and in the 1920s it was far more difficult, and hard to see, so firemen had a portable generator and flood light rig made

hey! Peugeot used the Wacky Racers in a commercial... can they do that? Great idea!

interesting design analysis of inline, v8, and boxer engines...

1970 drag racing documentary, heavy on Sox and Martin, filmed in Dallas at the World Finals

64 Galaxie 500XL, R code, 427 solid lifter dual quad beast hangs out in the corner of the garage except for an occasional romp

911, not very useful in Maryland and Pennsylvania, are cops that busy writing speeding tickets?

Dash cams... capture the most amazing things... like the road blowing up

the movie Need For Speed.. is it a gumball rally from New York to California? Looks like it!

Unusual looking fuselage design of theis Fokker T2

interesting stuff from Go Away Garage

pretty cool for a dumpster!

Stolen in 1984, a 57 Chevy is found heading for Australia and returned to owner

Ford Explorer concept... cool! Why doesn't anyone try things like this anymore?

Baldwin Motion Meyers Manx SR... ever heard of Motion Mini Cars? Me neither...

DeNooyer Chevrolet, a small Michigan town car dealership that has been in business since the 30's or so, and I recently learned that my Great Grandfather worked there for 30 some years ago, retired from it in the 1960's