A Mustang pop culture quiz by Parade / Conde Nast magazine

ever wanted to see the exclusive Lingenfelter Collection? It will be having a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House on August 7th

Original owner finally parts with his Barracuda and passes it on to a young guy in love with it

Traffic lights... proven to be unnecessary

Famous people racing in this years Mille Miglia

Monaco, 1966

unconventional car heroes art humor

Bullshitters on a car show get called on the lie, by none other than Hot Rod magazine

Check engine light.. means break out the cash

facebook has so much funny stuff....

1986 GN pulled out of storage with only 17,588 miles after 18 years of garage queen treatment.

NICB prevents another stolen car from leaving the country! Hooray!

13 yr old is the luckiest kid I've heard of in a while... his dad is a professional muscle car buyer and restorer, and got him a 70 Charger R/T

the 4014 Union Pacific Big Boy heading for an overhaul! (will be in Las Vegas tonight, and on Wednesday April 30th)

found humor... so funny in it's innocent mistakes

I just adore innovation, cleverness, and inventive humor. Facebook is a good source of content like that, and George Takei is the Dalai Lama of the meme

Congratulations to the Webby Awards winner, and nominees!

car listing programs can be comical when it allows you to check the vehicle options

You can't be anything but badass with a skull on the front of your fighter plane

Park Drag, a strange name for an 1892 horse carriage, but it's history in Washington DC and New York City high society (Vanderbilt family) is the cause

Car and Driver Magazine tried to interview John Force, a for effort, but they only got 8 words out, and John took the reins!

Happy 429 day!

the new 015 Mustang tail, and compare it to an Iococca edition's smoothness

a 1960's Lincoln has what seems to be a cruise control

Cool stuff I noticed at the Fabulous Fords Forever 2014 car show at Knotts Berry Farm