Check engine light.. means break out the cash

Why does it come one? For about a hundred different reasons, right?

How do you turn it off? You have to take the car to a mechanic or dealership.

How do you find out what the problem is? Either pay a mechanic/dealership, or buy a engine code scanner.

Now, lets stop right there..... what is it about the "check engine" warning light that can't be sent to the 7 inch screen in the middle of my car, the stereo/video display/infotainment system that is also able to tell me all the "green" and gas saver nonsense, navigation mapping, wifi, sports, news, weather, the name of the song, group, year, and radio channel I'm listening to.

But the second I get a bad tank of gas and the ping sensor has a fit, the damn check engine light came on, and I'm Westbound out of Barstow Ca in the effin Mojave, and the bajillion things that 7 inch screen can do for me don't count for shit, because the engineers that designed my Hyundai Veloster, and those that make every other car, don't put the "check engine" warnings where they should be, accessible to the OWNER of the car to let the OWNER of the car be informed of what has went wrong, and if the car is safe to drive, or seriously in need of a tow truck, dealership mechanic, and big cushion in the credit card.

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Update, July 3rd 2014... they aren't listening. is some nonsense about bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device for technicians

Kia Motors has announced details of its new Global Diagnostic System Mobile (GDS - Mobile), introduced in the international market to improve the level of customer service with network expansion aftermarket brand.

The new GDS - Mobile is the third generation diagnostic Kia vehicles available to its dealers and the world's first mobile solution designed for complete diagnosis and optimized for use on mobile devices system.

The new system allows technicians to identify the brand more quickly and effectively vehicle faults. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth support facilitate the work of the technicians, without the need of a computer fixed for diagnosis. The GDS - Mobile requires no wires to connect to the vehicle as a communication interface using the Bluetooth ® and Wi-Fi

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Check engine light.. means break out the cash
Check engine light.. means break out the cash
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