Why the speed limit policing? Does "Speed KILLS!!!" make any sense? Of course not

The proof is that every car on the planet (right now) has been driven over the posted speed limit, and those cars are still on the road (right now) ergo, proof that exceeding the bureaucratically self righteous number from politicians that don't have to deal with paying for gas, vehicles, or tickets (here in the USA most politicians are crooks and are GIVEN vehicles and gas, and get the tickets tossed http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2014/03/investigation-in-new-orleans-finds.html )

In Australia, there are 23 million people. In the state of Victoria, there are 5 million... and the state of Victoria has raised $266 million dollars from speeding tickets in 2013. (Stephen Corby, columnist car and Driver, former editor of Wheels Magazine, the oldest car magazine in Australia) But it was realized that if you want to speed in Australia, get a foreigner that will not have a Victoria Australia drivers license, and have them get behind the wheel. (I am for hire anytime, my Australian friends!)

1.3 million people were booked for speeding, and not a one was dead.

Ipso Facto: Speed does not kill. It does create a ticket system for raising revenue from a countries citizens who are more likely to have a traffic related collision from constantly being more focused on their speedometer than defensively driving.

In fact, the faster you drive, the less time you spend on the road, the less fatigue you have, and the quicker you get off the road and make it a less congested area for other drivers. My logical deduction, is of course, my own, and you can be sure I am fine with it no matter how many people disagree.

Wasn't every country in the world a better place before traffic speed limits? Of course. People could go as fast as they liked, stimulated their brains, and then they invented all the cool stuff we have today, like electricity, telephones, and airplanes. What have we accomplished since the speed limits stifled our creative impulses? Global warming, court tv, and the highest cost of gasoline in history. Oh, and the embargo on Cuba.

So, set your mind free, and find the open road... and drive as fast as you like as long as you can, because the cops are too busy posing for my latest "Abuse by law enforcement" post photos http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/search/label/abuse%20by%20law%20enforcement
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Why the speed limit policing? Does "Speed KILLS!!!" make any sense? Of course not
Why the speed limit policing? Does "Speed KILLS!!!" make any sense? Of course not
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