Mr. Norm's Super Charger, and why it's a Barracuda

A couple more car related Calvin comic strips

Eric Thorsen Custom Interior in the Pure Vision built Camaro of Ron Lallo

Road repair vs taxes

George Hill and 22 year old Bill Davis built a streamliner in their backyard, in 1952, got the local chamber of commerce to sponsor it to Bonneville

has me wondering what the hell is a trailer this shape, and this size, for?

Citroens can do about anything, even fly around corners

I can't think of a caption ridiculous enough for this situation

Very cool, the Scat Pack light up display sign on the inside of the race car hauler

this, is a first

A rolling car gathers no moss...

the Bike Angel of Burbank, Elaine Pease

owner customized shifters are frequently interesting and innovative

Why isn't this sign in every shopping mall and grocery store parking lot?

Great license plates

what is the oldest continually used road/bridge in the world? This one was built by ancient Romans

left running in the parking lot... even has a handicapped plate, but no one is going to try stealing it, it's dog protected

Does anyone have the email addresses for Holley performance products management?

Do you know why the Wright Bros. beat out all the competition in the race to taking the first flight? Action.

and this is how you show your apprecaition for moose knuckle in New Hampshire

one of the best jobs in the world, a car company "Product Excellence" position... just having fun and trying to improve the cars

this is how you demonstrate an off road vehicles capabilities

Mazda Miata is now celebrating 25 years of production

this is what is called, a truck stop!

brilliant cop I came across this morning... he's not chasing violators, he's just letting them come to him

Packard's Torsion Level suspension... motorized torsion bar leveling

Richard Petty and his 1971 Dodge hauler

it's not surprising to see a Doc Hudson imitator at a car show.. and this one was well done at the LaJolla Concours

funny... reminder, don't piss off truckers

cool rig! Called "Danger" by the creators at AA Stainless in Miami-Opa Locka Fla

Inspired by the "High Line" garden park in New York, a landscape gardener wants to adapt an abandoned track in Philadelphia

good t shirt idea

Westbound on the Eastbound shoulder of I 40 in Arkansas, near the Lonoke exit

I just came across a hilarious Facebook page with mechanic humor, I'm shocked I haven't seen more like this

for vehicle cold weather testing, take it to the UP

It's a mad mad mad mad world, a German "artiste" bought 50 cars made in 1950, put them around his property to watch them decay