the Bike Angel of Burbank, Elaine Pease

Elaine Pease, a Building Division inspector for the city of Burbank, started a small project in 2008 to restore used bicycles and answer the Christmas wishes of children in the San Fernando Valley.

Since then, the program has expanded under the direction of Pease to 50 “Bike Angel” volunteers restoring and refurbishing 200 bikes in 2012.

Pease said what makes the year-round effort so rewarding is the reaction she sees from struggling families who receive a bicycle through the program.

“I’ve seen war whoops of delight, I’ve seen tears of joy, I’ve seen parents who break into tears and hug me, and it’s things like that that make working with this program all year round absolutely more than worthwhile,” said Pease.

Pease first came up with the idea after seeing gift requests from children that were hanging from the Salvation Army’s “Angel Giving Tree” in the lobby of the city Administrative Services Building.

While Pease had never refurbished a bicycle before, she said the program immediately drew volunteers from the Burbank Police Officers Association, who provided bikes, tools, and money to purchase helmets and locks.

The program also received help from Burbank Fire Fighters Association 778, including donations for seats, tires, and grips.

“We’ll take a bike and we’ll clean it, we’ll assess it, we’ll change out any parts it needs, tubes, tires, seats, grips, whatever,” Pease said. “We’ll go through it completely and then we’ll detail it so it looks like new.”

Donated bikes range from BMX bikes and cruisers to bicycles for young children to ride. You can donate bikes to the Bike Angels by bringing them to the Burbank Recycle Center at 500 S. Flower St, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. or call the Burbank Recycle Center at (818) 238-3900

"We hope that this inspires other cities, or other people in other cities, to start the same program because there are so many bikes that are stored in people's garages for umpteen years that never get recycled or used that could be out there making some kids really happy,"

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the Bike Angel of Burbank, Elaine Pease
the Bike Angel of Burbank, Elaine Pease
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