Update on stolen bike from El Mirage

Good things do happen. Everyone that took pictures of our bike and passed it on, all of the blogs that picked it up, full coverage on twitter and instagram.....worked.

The pressure was enough to convince the thief/thieves who stole our bike to realize profit was not going to be made, more likely they were going to get their A** kicked if they tried.

At 2 am this morning we received an anonymous call telling us where the bike could be picked up. A tow truck was sent to a location in the Victorville area and our motorcycle was in one piece with minimal damage.

Minor damage, but looks a mess.

They sprayed it with WD or something, trying to hide prints?

Removed SCTA numbers and sticker, put other stickers on it to disguise it and most important, tried to start it and ride it but couldn't get it done.

Thanks goodness. If you haven't ridden a laydown landspeed bike before, let me tell you, you don;t take it for a cruise down your neighborhood block. It would have been totaled.

 OUR MOTORCYCLE WAS RETURNED! This would not have happened without all of your help and support. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Jill Shannon
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Update on stolen bike from El Mirage
Update on stolen bike from El Mirage
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