best photo I've seen of a 1969 R/T in a long time

a bit odd looking, but cool, a 1949 Ahrens Fox

maybe, the reason so many cars are white, black, and shades of grey... instead of any color

1935 coe White custom tanker

I like Mopars, mostly after 1966... because the late 50's and early 60's were pretty ugly design-wise

instant karma strikes morons most of all


hilarious, and terrific. Finally with women getting into pro racing in various sports, they're putting a spin on the normal nonsense

great biking kids photo

humor... 1960's VW style, I just love it

respect the old ones, they inspired the gourmet food vans, no matter how primitive they seem

unique VW cab customized to a 5th wheel semi

unexpected streamlined design beauty in a rail inspection car... amazing

design studies of David Levy and Daniel Simon

imagine being a long haul trucker before air conditioning was available in trucks... someone did invent this handy gizmo

interesting Fordson tractor.. I don't recall seeing one with this engine configuration

team hippie does a great job keeping the microbus on track

Cut Rate Auto Parts

an old gas station and ice cold cokes

the new Mad Max movie has new post apocalyptic vehicles to gawk at

Elspeth Beard, 3 years and 48,000 miles later, circumnavigated the world by motorcycle

at the San Diego County Fair in the woodworking exhibits today

great semi!

rusty, but cool

interesting custom Vespa, I bet the extra tank makes it tipsy, but able to travel a lot farther between refills

If seatbelts are required everywhere in the US, or maybe in the world (no idea) why aren't cars built with an ignition interlock to the seatbelt?

In other news, an official Mexican government helicopter crossed into the USA in Arizona, and fired two rounds of ammo

another couple of great image/meme from

colorized 100 year old photos.. I love it

wow, those drive wheels

African safari sampan

It's official! A Rally Fighter is in the new Transformers movie!

"Traveler Roof Rack" made by Chris Craft