the largest British car collection was just sold for 170 million dollars, from a dentist to Jaguar Special Operations dept

maybe any construction equipment could do this, but have any of them ever put on a show like this to demonstrate their strength?

info graphics of Caddy tail fins and Ford trucks

Wow... amazing collection of steam locomotives on ?parade? and exhibition run? Thanks to Marcin in Poland for all the links and photos!

Mechanic Nation on Facebook... keeps finding hilarious stuff!

how to trick a cop to get sympathy, even if you're a guy and can't cry your way out of a ticket

a new model was on display from the Collide Escape world, and book, "Diego and the Steam Pirates", to be published before Comic Con 2015 (he promises me)

Elvis had a BMW 507 that has recently been found, well.... maybe

One of the more unusual things I've ever seen at Comic Con, an original George Petty pin up for Rigid Tool company

Hot Wheels has a Star Wars line of cars

The Simpsons had a really big exhibit by the Omni, and Mattel was selling this Homer car exclusively at Comic Con

Hot Wheels has a lot of Mopars

A sense of humor and imagination are wonderful things...

Road and Track just did an article on the Corolla I posted last month

Old gunslinger had enough of the young hoon doing burnouts...

It makes a point, but at the expense of the wrong people. The people that would park out here were never taking up handicapped parking

Why did Superman destroy this Chevy? Is he a Ford guy at heart?