Kyle posted his dad's Super Bee on Facebook today, it's the same colors as my R/T, except it has stock rims instead of Magnum 500's

a kids and cars vintage photo Facebook page I just came across "Young Gentlemen Drivers"

monkey see monkey do was what this was called when I was a kid

everything is cooler with the Flying Tigers shark teeth

great art, on the cover of Life Magazine, Jan 4th 1912.

Danny Thompson spent a couple years fixing up Mickey's Challenger, but got rained out. Just like it happened in 1968 when Mickey brought it to Bonneville

Kingswood estate station wagon roll away tailgate

Crook, looks interesting, and well directed. I guess we have to wait and see if this sizzler real lands a finance deal and this gets made into a full length movie

great art in old car brochures

you only have to grow older, not act your age

Amish stop sign

Go Pro makes a damn good high def sports movie camera... TORC Wisconsin 2014

The long jump... and then something went a little bit wrong.

grandpa of the year award goes to:

Red Wine racing club jacket

Secured load vs unsecured loads

Some ships are christened with a bottle of champagne, some bridges are smacked with a big rig trailer.

LA Sheriff deputy who killed bicyclist due to emailing while driving his patrol car is immune to prosecution, not even ticketed for distracted driving

some old hot rods are still around

1928 American LaFrance brochure

Pierce Arrow tiger advertisement art

the design changes of the Ford Mustang

the beautiful art in the Studebaker brochure

the VW owners test

wooden wheel prototype for a patent application, to try to replace rubber wheels during the WW2 shortage

Ford of England cars through the years 1928-1958