the Air Mail of 1926

Land Cruises of America... the 1926 method of advertising a Pullman train ride

loading a logging train in 1926

Miss Asheville, car #4, Blue Ridge Coach Line, 1926

Ideal Power Lawn Mower advertising of 1926

The Hughes H1, the last privately built air speed record holder, 1935. All since have been military

Marc finds some really cool old photos!

Jim Glickenhaus collection

AAR Cuda neglected and getting overrun with shrubbery

beautiful design artwork of Adam Gompertz, formerly a designer at MG Rover, and Rolls Royce

Zach at Road and Track has a great article on the consequences of using Natl Parks during govt shutdowns

Racing Corvette from Flikr

Altoids had a muscle car giveaway a couple of years ago, art by Mouse

I came across a photo of my grandpa and his job truck

the Prius looks afraid of the parking spot... maybe a real car marked it's territory there

cool painted sidewalk utility box in Long Beach

Charity auctions win, but Mopar Challenger wins over Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro (again, and for a while to come based on the HP of the Hellcat)

just a step away from a horse drawn carriage, a 1912 Aberdonia, Landau

2 things are easy to learn from this video of a monster truck running over 40 spectators. Stupid people watch from behind guard rails in front of the truck. This is why Monster Jam trucks perform in stadiums

the simple innocent love of a bike, and a downhill slope

start your week out with a lot of noise, trucks, and mud

On Any Sunday, the sequel, 40 years after

both wheel drive motorcycle and bicycle... I bet it would be a hell of a great off road machine

great So Cal surf wagon