Challenger Hellcat info

Gets to dealerships in November

Only about 2/3rds of dealerships will get 1 in the 1st round. Not some, 1. For example, of all the dealerships in California, there will be only 89 Hellcat Challengers, in the initial 2 month dispensing of the first production run. No one knows what the factory is going to do after that, but you can guess they'll see what they can do about cost ($59,999.00 to start) and profit.

So far, one has been sold for $125,000 in New York... expect all other dealerships to auction off their first car for similar profit, as selling Vipers is a big loss for dealerships. 10-20 thousand loss per Viper

The EPA gave it the estimated highway fuel use of 22mpg

With stock factory tires, it had a 11.2 second 1/4 mile, at 125 mph

With drag slicks, it had a 10.8 @126mph
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Challenger Hellcat info
Challenger Hellcat info
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