Spirit of 3.2% USA, the Nation's Pioneer Goodwill Beer Ship

Ryan Aircraft and flying school, San Diego, the 1920s

Glen Curtiss, very early aircraft photo

Avion Viosin WW1 bomber... wow, incredibly crude and basic

when the world before "motors" collided with airplanes

B 17 down on Greenland 1942

Frank Piaseki, Polish immigrant's kid infatuated with helicopters, was set to invent from age 7, when he got a ride in a barnstormer

amazing notions, untested, and not well engineered, result in death and destruction.... but it had potential. 4 Sikorskys H34Js and a helium blimp, but not enough research, development, and engineering. 1986 Piaseki PA-97

the Sikorsky CH 37

the Beast of Turin is alive and breathing again, 100 years later, and uber artist/photographer Stefan Marjoram was there to draw, paint, and photograph its engine kick off