costs of a horse carriage business...

$2500 horse,  $1300 a month to care for each horse, plus a brand-new $7500 carriage from the Troyer Carriage Company of Shipshewana, Indiana.

In New York, there are 68 taxi permits for horse carriages in Central park, they cost $50 for a 20 minute ride, $90 for the deluxe 40 minute ride.

The horses are required by law to get a 5 week vacation in a pasture each year

Animal rights activists helped get New York City mayor De Blasio elected, and they want the horse carriages gone.

 But is it really all about the real estate the 4 horse stables in Hell's Kitchen are on? Seriously, does anyone feel for the horses enough to go to the great lengths and expenses of getting a mayor elected, and replacing the horse carriages with electric cars?  Or do they want to demo the stables, and sell the real estate that has been stuck with stables for a 100 years?
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costs of a horse carriage business...
costs of a horse carriage business...
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