Oh to be a hobby racer in the 60's!

Bev Spencer's passion for automobile racing and Ferraris led him to become a Ferrari dealer in San Francisco and ultimately to campaign ex-factory Ferrari competition cars at tracks up and down the west coast during the '60s.

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As many of you know, Bev Spencer was a Ferrari dealer in San Francisco during the 1960s, did a fair amount of racing and wheeling dealing, and owned and raced a GTO. Lesser known is that along the way, Spencer hired a professional photographer to record his racing activities. And therein is the story of a son, a dream, and now a Kickstarter campaign.

Like his father, Roy Spencer is deeply involved with cars. “I was 5-10 years old during the early-mid ‘60s and went to many races with my father, along with my three older brothers.” Today, Roy Spencer is also the family historian. “I’ve been keeping track of our family archives for 40 years. The collection has just been sitting around in the meantime. I had digitized a few of the images that related to my father’s cars,” says son Roy. “And then, about twelve years ago, I obtained the ‘Motor Binders’ collection and related racing ephemera.”

The MotorBinder collection has revealed a number of outstanding and unique images of the legends of the ‘50s and ‘60s. And the Spencer family archives reveal some of the most legendary Ferraris in some very interesting settings. When my father arrived home the day he purchased his 1958 Testa Rossa in early 1962, we all got rides around the neighborhood. He had driven it home from nearby San Carlos ‘as-is’ from its last race with full numbers and decals. He was still in his business suit… I’m hoping to share this unique view of the era with enthusiasts young and old.”

Phil Hill driving one of Bev's Ferrari

So, with all the photos, and desire to get them into the hands of people that want to see them, he sold a book on Kickstarter
http://www.velocetoday.com/bev-spencer-legacy/  and https://www.facebook.com/motorbinder/photos_stream

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Oh to be a hobby racer in the 60's!
Oh to be a hobby racer in the 60's!
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