Different Ways I Sold Cars

The best time ever to be a muscle car guy....or gal!

ordnance department truck, seems to be on a hell of a rough piece of terrain for 2 wheel drive

a big uncommon truck, custom made Kenworth

the truck was invented, but the horse was still the more dependable transportation until they figured out how to pave roads

new billboard decal I've never seen before... Dart Sport, 340 in England

animals pulling carts... seems to have been a trend

Heinz Meixner defects from East Germany by driving through Checkpoint Charlie after removing his windshield 5 May, 1963

cool kid with dreams

a documentary about Evel Knievel is about to hit theaters

Belgium speed camera news

Bullwinkle Down! Hyundai totalled... people, do NOT take out a moose with your Hyundai...

Daniel Simon went to Houston's NASA center and they let him play with the rover... sigh

wow, might be the best bunkbeds yet

BRM Nomad and a bus hauler... that is one beautiful race car

a steam punk train station in Paris, the Arts et Métiers

parking ticket tossed on appeal, for the technicality of a missing comma in the law as written

this 1913 International Harvester was bought new and used on a Modoc county farm until 1916, when it was parked in a barn and replaced by a new truck. It has sat inside for 99 years.

two Martin Mars firefighting flying boats are still flying, but their future is uncertain, as do the stats. Depends on who you refer to as to what they claim is better at putting out fires

first time I've seen a semi on train tracks

ever seen a battleship gun getting trucked across country?

Before the Futurliners, the Parade of Progress got along all right, but not quite as stylish

Nice Jeep!

cool and clever matching hauler FC Jeep and racer

Titus/Godsall Firebird and AMC Javelin, the also rans in SCCA Trans Am Wars

Stefan Marjoram drawings from this past weekends races at Pendine sands

Striping cart, 1939 Oregon

How little do airlines care about their customers? It's cheaper to get a new passport, than the ticket change fee

Fangio, a quick history lesson

it may be useful some time, how to "Fast Honk"

Austin Dillon's crash at Daytona

from 3 to 93, a Model T and a pipe will set you well

"Lesson Number 40" Cathy Dubuisson

interesting idea for an RV, a pop up camper mounted to a bus... nearly double decker. Good place for the kids though, to get them out from underfoot

Why most people are fired by surprise, so they can't retaliate with incredible panache

Texas state highway patrol, not very sharp... they get caught in their own car window

VW vans and the mini me's