Possibly, a way to avoid cops, Waze has the cops scared shitless

A smartphone app bought by Google for a billion dollars, Waze is a subset of Google maps so you can avoid traffic, traffic cameras, speed traps, and construction zones in your commute. 

But because it also shows cops locations, and cops don't want the public to be informed about what they do, or where, and when... they are loosing their minds and forgot that they are employees of the tax payers, and do a job they volunteered for, to "protect and SERVE"

Regardless of the fact that anyone wanting to find cops very simply can just go to any donut shop, 7-11, or police station... LAPD Chief Beck is so scared that criminals will use a smartphone app to track cops, that he mailed Google to demand they remove cop tracking from Waze. 

Google has a complicated issue to resolve... they are the best, and the biggest, and when the USA govt gets into trouble with hackers, it asks for help. When the US govt gets nosy, it either hacks Google, or subpoenas the user info of Google clients and customers. Google is pissed at the govt espionage on American citizens and went encrypted for consumers, and discloses to consumers what user info they've been forced to cough up to the US govt.

"Google is regularly compelled to turn over to police worldwide copies of emails or other information about its customers. Last year, after disclosures that the National Security Agency had illicitly broken into Google's overseas Internet communication lines, Google and other technology companies rolled out encryption for consumers, which the U.S. government said could hamper law enforcement investigations. Also last year, Google and other companies sued the U.S. to allow them to more fully disclose to customers details about how much information they were required to hand over each year."  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_POLICE_TRACKING_APP?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-01-26-03-07-22

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Possibly, a way to avoid cops, Waze has the cops scared shitless
Possibly, a way to avoid cops, Waze has the cops scared shitless
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