1922 kids, cops, business men and a street car in Washington DC

fire stations still had steam pumpers hanging out in back, though they had new fire engines

the 1933 August storm flood took out the center bridge support, and the photographer took a photo from both ends of the track near Kenilworth

Washington, D.C., 1919. "Franklin Motor Car Co. police van."

tank warfare, WW2, account of a Sherman and Fireflys taking on 3 Tigers and a Tiger Royal

one hell of a cool view of the flying wing

trucker vs little car who knows one thing the trucker doesn't

this week’s Archer also featured a wonderful tribute to the 1968 Steve McQueen crime thriller Bullitt.

100 years of Service Stations, a book by a lifelong collector

cool VW bug ad I haven't seen before

A Nimbus in Japan, /or/, meet Kim!

I helped solve a mystery! Wahoo!

the only advertising sign I've ever seen for Bowers battery and ignition service.

during the 1908 Ormond-Daytona races in Florida.

Snake's wedge... sold on ebay for $120

Caterpillar Diesel kids pedal dozer, sold on ebay for $2700

a "wow" photo, a servicar Indian, a steam pump, a gas station in 1948, and the coolest neon sign I think I've ever seen

Before Sesame Street tamed the kids down a bit, they were told to "Go play in the street!"

a new set of photos from Michael Paul Smith... one astonishing photographer

getting across Alaska

two cool tricks you won't see topped anytime soon

from ruins to racer, the Dean and White AA/A is restored from the parts left laying about for over 30 years

it was taken to a new level... just kidding, I couldn't resist. Where in the world did they find two of these trailers to make this double decker 1953 Spartan Manor?

one EARLY dump truck design

Sylva Koscina (Jaguar E-type) and Jean Sorel (Fiat 500 Abarth-ized) in a scene from the movie "Made in Italy" (1965)

so THAT is what those holders are for!

Looking at a stolen car news item, I noticed something

A Ford dealership started in 1921 completes it's first renovation since 1966, and shows off a 1914 T at it's grand re-opening

Josh is featured on Coolhunting.com!

great photo of a Mack plowing streets about a hundred years ago. Look at those back wheels