Kiddie Corvette Pedal Car Ballot Box

1956 1957 Eska Corvette Pedal Car - Ballot Box

to win the "King of the Sidewalk Kiddie Corvette" Pedal Car you had to fill out a ballot and drop it in one of these official ballot boxes. This was found in the attic of a Chevrolet Dealership in Norfolk, Virginia.

some history of the pedal Eska Corvette Pedal Cars:

In 1956, General Motors Corporation awarded The Eska Company of Dubuque, Iowa a contract to produce 1/3 size pedal car replicas of their recently redesigned Chevrolet Corvette. Like the full-size car, the smaller, "Kiddie" version featured a molded, almost dent proof, plastic body as well as a real chrome trimmed two-speed transmission and an authentic Corvette colors of white with red interior. With help from GM's Styling department, Eska scaled down the real car's dimensions and the "mini Vette" was said by some at the time to be "dead on" for its dimensions relative to the real thing. These cars were made primarily for dealerships and promotions and were not available to the general public so there is no exact count on how many were produced, could have been as low as 200 or as many as 2000.

Some of the events reportedly using these pedi-powered racers were the 1956 Chevrolet Featurama and the NASCAR Speed Week Performance Trials in Daytona Beach, Florida where children could participate in races for a chance to win a "Kiddie Corvette" of their own and, on a National note, the cars were featured on "The Dinah Shore Show" as part of the "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" contest.

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Kiddie Corvette Pedal Car Ballot Box
Kiddie Corvette Pedal Car Ballot Box
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