7 full containers of NOS VW parts found in Paraguay

In a dusty warehouse on the outskirts of Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, three German parts experts from Audi Tradition and Volkswagen Classic found a huge stash of NOS VW and Audi parts. The local importer Deisa SA founded in 1953 had stock piled these parts to keep a sufficient inventory of spare parts for the models it sold. This was very necessary as those days the delivery time for parts took about nine months. So it was very necessary for the importer to keep a vast amount of stock.

Anyway, the spare parts stock kept building up over the years simply because the VW Beetle was so darn reliable until the parts weren’t needed. Some models did not sell as expected and the dealer usually ends up with a ton of slow moving spares.

This loss in the past is now for collectors in the present to gain. Diesa SA has about 3500sq ft of spare parts of old VWs since the 1950s. This includes rare and hard to find items like engine and transmission units for Beetles and other VWs. What was also found are body parts like bonnets and doors for the 2nd generation Audi 100.


Full list of the parts found at http://data.vwheritage.com/_inc/pdf/catalogues/flyer_paraguay.pdf
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7 full containers of NOS VW parts found in Paraguay
7 full containers of NOS VW parts found in Paraguay
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