a Model T dealership!

Neil Tuckett is a former agricultural engineer whose business in the late 1980s dried up, so his team turned to Model Ts. Now they struggle to keep up with the demand at his garage in North Marston, Buckinghamshire England.

Neil said: 'We're a niche market specialist and I've got about 100 years of man experience of Model Ts with my team. 'We do about one a week, 50 a year. They're coming in here as fast as I can fix them. There's about 3,000 in the UK and we look after a good proportion of those.

'It's cheaper to maintain than a modern car. The insurance costs about £50 a year, you don't need road tax or an MOT and there are no major expenses.

'There's probably 20 companies in the world making new parts for the Model T and about 80 per cent of Model Ts are new parts now.'

Neil also races his 1911 golden T at rallies events like Pendine

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a Model T dealership!
a Model T dealership!
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