one of a kind historical drag racing icon is on the auction block on Ebay, the Hurst Parade 300, and it's not getting any bids, they're asking $150,000. That's ridiculous

what was the real deal on Smokey’s Chevelle? did a side by side comparison

Virginia Beach embraces the relatively new gourmet food truck phenomenon, and creates a food truck park for them to get together: The Hub

Garden tractor based articulated 4 wheel drive hand crafted gardening machines! By Rock and Son Fabrication


cool merchandise!

best tats I've seen in a while

either you've done this, or wanted to at some time in your younger years

Incredibly cool, and a good way to remain the local landmark

tiny bit too competitive

Wanna know how to tell that you are in a bad part of town? Exhibit A

you were a cool kid if you had one of these in the 70's

Tommy Ivo, showman, drag racer, tv star, innovator, and wnner of a National Drag meet, had the most impressive hauler, the Vette was stowed on top... and a 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed exhibit

once, there were train / tank / Monster Trucks.. what a beast!

and bike stunts just were cranked up to a higher degree of difficulty, now it's dancing while standing on your tank

quick and easy tunnel construction

this meme about race cars deserves the follow up "he's right you know" with Morgan Freeman

Before the Model T... was the forgotten Model S

heavy equipment, cool photo

the BMW art cars

Lillian Boyer, 1922 Minnesota wing walker... devil without a care attitude!


want to learn more about the transmissions you think you know? Bangshift did an awesome list of the top 11

John Deere, Moline, and Hiawatha... there is a lot of historical heavy machinery in this one photo!

Bay King Chrysler in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, completed its new showroom, and the franchise really wanted to show its dedication to the Jeep brand.

Challenger T/A trivia

tell me... what's the first thing that would clue you in, that you've chosen poorly of the two options? Seriously, the really old guy driving did this with nothing to force him into a quick decision

A shovel handle on the shifter... I've never seen that before

Ford of Canada Performance Clinic hauler/transporter

nice slow up close look at a Union Pacific Challenger, the 3985

the "two tone" trials? Soviet prototypes, 1950s