the Dragonsnakes, and Drag Snakes

CSX 2248

this is CSX 2416

CSX 2019 (was in the Elvis movie)

CSX 2357

CSX 2427

CSX 3198

CSX 2093

CSX 2109

CSX 2472

a list of known Dragonsnake configs:

CSX 2019------Factory PR Dragonsnake
CSX 2093------Famous Costilow/Larson car. This was an independent car, non factory built, perhaps the most famous of all the DS cars. 
CSX 2248------Factory built for Customer (the El-Cid car)
CSX 2353------Independent (Siebens-Sidel car. )
CSX 2357------Factory car (second one built)
CSX 2427------Factory Prepared/independently campaigned. 
CSX 3198------Factory Prepared car for Harr Ford. Only 427 built.

Factory Dragonsnakes: CSX 2019, CSX 2357.
Factory-Prepared Customer Dragonsnakes: CSX 2248, CSX 2427, CSX 2472.
Independently Prepared Cobra Drag Cars: CSX 2075, CSX 2093, CSX 2109.
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the Dragonsnakes, and Drag Snakes
the Dragonsnakes, and Drag Snakes
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