Target's new advertising sign

Now what in the world did this, and how, to my windshield?

a car so new it doesn't even have license plates yet, choose it's parking spot poorly, in a parking garage on the corner where poor judgement caused a minivan to cut the corner to close and trade paint

I've only seen a few examples of currency from other countries, but never seen a train on money before

A 1969 Superbee was briefly onscreen in the movie Super 8

someone in QA is asleep on the job, can't count to 5, or forgot the days between Thursday and Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

American Underslung

It is time once again for the June issue of Street Rodder Premium, this magazine is pretty damn cool and comes out with only two issues a year, June and November

vintage Rolls Royce

US Army cars 100 years ago (ish)

Finally, an American dealership nails the top 2 awards from Rolls Royce for it's dealerships

Early 1920's Packard

1922 White Charabanc tourer

Hot Rod has a great story on their Facebook page today, a guy came back from Nam, traded in his 442, and used the wedding ring money, to buy this 1969 Charger 500

Big Bertha, it's been 6 or 7 years since I've seen it

The beautiful wooden 3d motorcycles of Paul O’Neill

the Jackson Victory Tour, 1984 photo-shoot by Harrison Funk for the official program for the "Jackson Victory Tour" series of concerts

tearing down a 2 CV in less than 2.1 minutes, and putting it back together in 3

well.. wow. An elephant in the trailer of a Piaggio (vespa 3 wheeler)

topless firetruck with that love it or hate it funky GMC grill of 1960 or 61

Fahrenheit 451 fire truck

Flat tires happen to the best, at the worst times

Hooniverse posts about an incredible Jeep collection, the Omix-ADA collection in Suwanee, Georgia

one parts store has a very very cool car on display, a 1917 Smith Flyer

the dog has papers..

RIP Top Gear, it was fantastic while it lasted

Earliest logging truck I've seen