Want to go to SEMA? But think it's impossible because you didn't get an invitation? I've made a long list of ways how you can get in

I'm going to put SEMA's mission statement right here so you know that they want you to become a part of the show:
"You’re one step closer to being part of SEMA Show 2015...... Whatever your motivation, your bottom line will thank you for getting to the SEMA Show. It’s all here. The only thing missing is your registration."  http://www.semashow.com/why-attend?

There, see what I mean?  Their mission statement excerpt says they are out to produce the leading trade show. Ongoing and emerging needs... expand the industry here and worldwide...  that means growth and increased profits, also known as getting more customers and demand for SEMA members products.

The three catagories of registering are as Attendee, Exhibitor, and Media

So, here are the ways you get into SEMA and become a part of the awesome center of the auto enthusiast world:

1) make something for vehicles and become a SEMA member. I've posted photos for years on all the many things that get a person into sema... tires, tools, car wax, art, etc. Once you make something for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks) you apply for a sellers badge SEMA Membership is open to all automotive aftermarket companies who want to get more involved in their industry and grow their businesses, only qualified and approved individuals employed within the automotive aftermarket industry are permitted to enter the convention center. SEMA Customer Service atmember@sema.org or 909-610-2030. https://www.sema.org/faq?__utma=95790915.1008242076.1435185513.1435185513.1435185513.1&__utmb=95790915.0.10.1435185513&__utmc=95790915&__utmx=-&__utmz=95790915.1435185513.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=31332343

1.5) but you don't have to become a member, you just have to get a job in the auto industry
The company you are employed by does not have to be a SEMA member in order for you to attend the SEMA Show, but you do have to hold a qualified position and work within the automotive industry. The SEMA Show registration process requires you to provide proof that you work within the automotive industry.

2) Exhibit something for vehicle enthusiasts If your company is qualified to exhibit at the SEMA Show, please please log onto www.SEMAShow.com and click on "Buy a Booth." For questions, please contact SEMA Show Management at 909-369-0689 or semashow@sema.org.

2.5) if you can become a manufacturer, or can fill the requirement s for a supplier, importer, or exporter, you don't actually have to pay for a booth, you can register as a Nox Exhibiting Manufacturer
If a company qualifies to exhibit with booth space at the Show, but chooses only to register to attend (walk the exhibits), they will be classified as an NEM. If during the qualification process, Show Management finds this company to be classified as a non-exhibiting manufacturer /supplier/importer/exporter, the higher registration fee of $200 each will be applied to their registration. These companies that are manufacturers and want their personnel to attend the show are limited to two (2) people, attending no more than two (2) shows.

3) get hired by a company that exhibits at SEMA (you've no idea how many people are wandering around because they are on shift to man the booths) if you are employed by a company that is qualified to attend the Show, please log onto www.SEMAShow.com and click on "Attend Show." For questions, please contact SEMA Show Management at 909-369-0689 or semashow@sema.org.

4) If you've been a photographer, blogger, or journalist, try for a media pass. If I recall correctly, the requirements are that you are named on the published material by name, if you're a blogger or website editor / reporter, you have to have at least one years of having been published. You have to have a business card, and your content has to be relevant, applicable, and get approved by the SEMA, and I think there is also the requirement that you are published in print. I might be wrong about that, because as you've seen, I post a lot, and have been lucky and had my photos published in a couple magazines, a book, and a couple newspapers... so I haven't really remembered what the requirements are because I've met them.

5) Register as an attendee: 
If both you and your company are new to AAPEX and the SEMA Show, you will be asked to submit two forms of qualifying materials during the registration process. 

Acceptable forms of qualifying materials include: 

Business Card (Company name and address must match information in your registration, and must include job title)
 Business license or Registration Business photo ID (must include company name, photo, and full name) 
Tax Registration Certificate
 Invoices from automotive companies doing business with your company
 Two (2) Recent Paycheck Stubs

6) Make a car so cool they'll use it as an exhibit "Featured Vehicle" and you can get 2 passes
Each Featured Vehicle is entitled to a maximum of two (2) badges at $25 each, and registration must be done on-site when you arrive at the show. When you check in your vehicle, you will receive a special registration form which you must complete and take to Exhibitor Registration at the Westgate Hotel (formerly the Las Vegas Hotel) adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center to register up to 2 people, maximum, per vehicle.

But if all of those are catagories you don't fall into, you'll have to try harder, and that's when you'll have to get creative in your thinking...

Get a job with SEMA, or the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Discovery Channel, Velocity Channel or one of the many contractors that work the convention... food services (Starbucks, Quiznos etc) , janitorial, electric wheelchairs, security, sound and lighting, etc... there are a lot of things going on at one of the largest annual conventions.

Become a booth decorator/designer, or a celebrity bodyguard (the entourage of Snoop Dog was about a half dozen guys). Become a booth model (Mr Clean is there every year, and the women models at nearly every booth are commonly known as "booth babes").

Or go to work for a celebrity... R Lee Ermey, Linda Vaughn, Richard Petty, Parnelli Jones, etc all go to SEMA most years. Here is a full list http://www.semashow.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/celebrities.pdf of the celebs and the companies that bring them to SEMA, just look at the 5th column.

Become an artist! There are a couple dozen pinstripers, airbrushers, welders, painters, etc that are there representing paint companies, welder equipment companies, etc.

Volunteer! No matter what niche you're in - rods, restoration, racing, restyling, reps, trucks or wheel and Tires - there's a SEMA council or professional network that's right for your company. SEMA councils and networks offer members a variety of niche-specific programs and activities designed to provide educational and networking opportunities while promoting their particular market segment. https://www.sema.org/councils-networks

See if you can get a company to hire you to man their booth... they are stuck in them for 4 straight days, and they want to get out for breaks and meals.. some of them might trade you a job representing their company for your time passing out swag and telling interested people what their company products have to offer... some companies have dozens of people on hand to pass out shirts hats, etc. like Red Cap. They need a lot of people to run the extra large booth and amount of computers they have to get prospective customers registered, plus a "spin the wheel" for free gift swag, etc

But if nothing works, and you can't get inside, remember, the events outside are pretty damn cool, and after 5 or 6 oclock every night there are great things happening... and you don't need a SEMA badge for these

I believe last year was the stadium truck races, and I never did learn where they headed off to or what they did, but they had a roll out from the parking lot in front of the convention center
the GRC rally, lasts about an hour, and it's some of the best drivers in the rally car business... but I think it costs about 70 dollars a ticket.
the SEMA Cruise is something you really should see, the roll out from the convention center buildings... lots of the show cars that are on display do a parade lap in front of the convention center through the parking lot
After that the cars go to the lot across the street from the convention center (the Gold Lot)  for the car show they call SEMA Ignited www.SEMAIGNITED.com and tickets are $10 for non SEMA registered people, but free to military until July 6th, then 20 per person, except military and SEMA registered/badged attendees
all day is the Optima Challenge at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
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Want to go to SEMA? But think it's impossible because you didn't get an invitation? I've made a long list of ways how you can get in
Want to go to SEMA? But think it's impossible because you didn't get an invitation? I've made a long list of ways how you can get in
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